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Q: Don’t you have to have a TABC license to sell these cupcakes?

A: No.  The laws changed on 09/01/2019.  "See                                         for more information.

Q: Do purchasers have to present ID?

A: No, it is not necessary to check ID for age to sell alcohol-Infused food. It is legal to sell and buy alcohol-infused foods, regardless of age. Ethically, we may refuse to sell infused products if we feel that it would be irresponsible based on the circumstances. However, there are no legal limitations for infused foods.

Q: So what is the difference between Infused and Injected?

A: According to the dictionary, infused and injected are synonymous.  There are many ways to infuse a food product with a liquid.  One way to infuse alcohol into a baked product is to mix the liquid into the batter before baking. With baked items, a percentage, but not all, of the alcoholic properties are baked out with the heat.  Another way to infuse a cake is to introduce the liquid after the baking process.  For example, Tres Leches is a cake infused with 3 types of milk.  The milks are poured over the baked cake and allowed to soak in.  Rum Cake is another well known example where a liquid is poured over a baked cake and allowed to soak in.  Another way to infuse liquid is to inject it, much like a turkey can be injected with Cajun marinade before being fried and enjoyed for Thanksgiving.  A pastry can be injected to introduce strategic amounts and locations of a fluid, like jelly is injected into a donut.  Cakes can be injected with a variety of fluids, including alcohol.  All of this is still considered infused.

For the purposes of description of our products, we are using infused to describe the process of mixing alcohol with other ingredients and processing as normal, such as alcohol in the batter before baking, mixed with the core and mixed into the icing before piping on the decoration.  We are using the word injected to describe the additional step of introducing further alcohol into the already baked cake.  In all cases, the alcohol cannot be separated from the food product and is therefore infused.

Q: Can you provide cupcakes for my wedding or other special event?

A: Yes!  We would love to work with you to provide cupcakes.  Today, cupcakes are a trendy way to serve cake.  From a cuteness view, a tower of cupcakes can’t be beat. From a pandemic view, it serves to keep each portion separate. From a financial view, the cost for wedding cake cutting service is awfully expensive.  No worries with cupcakes.  Though we do suggest that you engage a more traditional baker to make your special top tier for the first anniversary.


Q: My fiancé loves ______.  Can you design a cupcake using this?

A: Yes, we can design around a specific flavor or alcohol.  Likely, we may have already been considering that flavor.


Q: How much advance notice do you need for large orders?

A: This depends on the size of “large”.  We prefer a minimum of 1 week's notice for 1 to 2 dozen cupcakes not already in stock. For orders of 2 to 6 dozen, we need 1 weeks’ notice. However, we have been known to take a special order with 72 hours’ notice, if we don't have previous obligations. More than 6 dozen requires a conversation and planning between you and us.

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