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C.A.T. Cafe Bakery acts with integrity, morals and ethics regarding the sale of alcohol-infused foods.  We are not legally required to limit the purchase of products based on age.  However, if we feel that it would be irresponsible to provide an alcohol-infused product to a consumer, we reserve the right to decline the sale.


Alcohol in Confections

The 86th Texas Legislature (2019) eliminated the TABC permit previously known as the “Industrial Permit”.  There is now no permit required or regulation for items previously covered by the Industrial Permit.

  • flavoring extracts

  • syrups

  • condiments

  • food products

​This is found in Chapter 38 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.  

Direct response from TABC to C.A.T. Cafe Bakery regarding the legality of selling alcohol infused food:

As far as serving baked good infused with alcohol, TABC no longer requires an industrial permit for food products that are made with alcohol.  The use of a pipette containing alcohol on top of the baked good would constitute the sale of an alcoholic beverage.  It would be a violation to sell a cupcake with a pipette containing alcohol.  But, if the food product was infused/baked with alcohol, the final product is considered to be a food product and not an alcoholic beverage.  TABC does not regulate food products.





infused (past tense) · infused (past participle)

  1. fill; pervade.

"her work is infused with an anger born of pain and oppression"


fill · pervade · permeate · suffuse · charge · saturate · imbue · inspire · inundate

  • instill (a quality) in someone or something.

"he did his best to infuse good humor into his voice"


instil · breathe · inject · impart · inculcate · introduce · implant · add

  1. soak (tea, herbs, etc.) in liquid to extract the flavor or healing properties.

"infuse the dried flowers in boiling water"


steep · brew · stew · soak · immerse · marinate · souse · mash · mast

  • (of tea, herbs, etc.) be soaked in liquid. 

  • "allow the mixture to infuse for 15 minutes"​

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