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Jailhouse Layout

Second Floor Jailhouse Layout

Jail Cell Layout.png

The jail cells are still intact on the second floor.

Due to lead paint, it is not open to the public.

This layout, along with the photos and film which we display,

may help you understand it better. 

Photography By Cade is our official Jailhouse Photographer.

You may contact him for current images.

First Floor Layout.png

The first floor was reconditioned by

C.A.T. Cafe Bakery in 2022 & 2023.

The walls consist of steel risers with steel lathe

covered by concrete plaster.

In 2022 we created a 3-D model of the building.

Through that, we learned that some interior walls

are as much as 16" thick.

The original use and current use are represented above.

Once you realize that the first floor was actually

the home of the Sheriff, the layout makes much more sense.

Please come visit us to enjoy this historic building. 

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