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The Quirky Baker has three basic classifications of cupcakes.  All are gourmet creations designed by The Quirky Baker as a confluence of tastes which complement and highlight flavors of the specific cupcake.  The classifications include Non-Alcohol, Alcohol-Infused and Alcohol-Injected.

Gourmet (Non-Alcohol) Cupcakes include a wide variety such as a true Wedding Cake Cupcake which is a sweet almond cake and icing, filled with a beautiful strawberry core. This is in striking contrast to the surprising Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly Cupcake that features a sweet jalapeno jelly cake with a tart core and a true strawberry icing.  Absolutely no artificial ingredients are ever used by The Quirky Baker.  If you talk to her about red velvet you will get a true education about the modern day Red Velvet which depends on red food coloring (as a means for a food coloring company to increase its sales) vs. the 1940s original Red Velvet which got its beautiful color due to the chemical reaction of the ingredients.  Hence the Heirloom Velvet we have in our menu (food dye free, of course).

Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes are designed to include alcohol in the cake batter itself, in the custom-made core and in the icing.  Consider the Kahlua Espresso Cupcake which is a coffee liqueur cake, a milk custard core made using coffee liqueur, and an icing made with more coffee liqueur.  Each component is created using alcohol in the process.  The Mimosa Cupcake is created with Martini & Rossi champagne  throughout.  It is baked into the cake, in the custom-made compote core and in the fluffy icing.  It is a delightful cupcake that brings joy to your tastebuds.

Alcohol-Injected Cupcakes take it all a step further.  We use all the steps described in the infused cupcakes, then we inject alcohol into the baked cupcake. This serves to make the cake even more striking.  The Aces and 8s Cupcake was designed as a nod to The Dead Man’s Hand.  What else would Wild Bill Hickok have been drinking but Rye Whiskey.  So we designed a vanilla cake, baked with rye whiskey.  The cream core is cooked with rye whiskey and the icing has rye whiskey in it.  Then we injected rye whiskey into the cake.  It is like a cross between a sugar cookie flavor cake and a shot of rye whiskey. 

Not always does the injection make the event of the cupcake seem so strong.  The Sweet Lady Cupcake, injected with brownie liqueur, and decorated with brownie liqueur icing presents a much more mild and tame experience.

No matter which classification of cupcake you choose, we are confident that you will find the experience far and above the average cupcake.

From our family to yours, Happy Baking & Joyful Eating!

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